We have updated our Dish Stick

We have been on a long journey to perfect the Dish Stick and we think this is by far the best model!

It is very hard to get the design on these right whilst being eco conscious at the same time but we haven't given up! 

Our current Dish Stick has the same head size as our previous clear-body dish stick so you can still use the original refill heads. We will still be selling the original heads as well as the new ones.  


The new Dish Stick has velcro on the white adaptor to hold the sponge. So all you have to do is peel off the sponge head but leave the white velcro part on the adaptor. 

Here is a video to explain:

 A little tip: Add a small amount of water to your dish stick together with your Dish Wash. This will assist the flow of detergent through the dish stick producing lots of soap to clean your dishes 🖤