Our Brush Head Dish Stick is perfect for all the heavy duty scrubbing jobs in the kitchen or bathroom.

The brush head is interchangeable with your black scourer sponge head. If you already have a Dish Stick you just need the Refill Brush heads and off you go!

Refill Brush Heads sold separately.

1 Piece



  • Dish Stick with bristled brush head perfect for heavy duty cleaning of pots and pans
  • Interchangeable with Black Scourer head on Dish Stick
  • Detergent dispensing body
  • Rubber grip handle
  • Rubber opening on handle for easy application of Dish Wash
  • Recyclable product
  • Refill Brush Heads available separately
  • Can be used in bathroom and for all heavy scrubbing duties

Not suitable for fine china.


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