Who Needs to Buy Our Household Liquids 

Our household liquids range will help you say goodbye to single-use plastics! All our household liquids are designed to help reduce the use of plastic and chemicals in our environment and prevent animal cruelty. Individuals or businesses wishing to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle should purchase our handy household liquids. 


Big families, boutique hotels, and Airbnb properties can also benefit from the convenience and affordability of purchasing our bulk 20L refills.


Liquid refills: Doing your Part to Save the Environment

At Barkly Basics, we allow you to cut down on single-use plastics and refill, reuse and recycle! Each time you purchase one of our recyclable liquid refill pouches, you are already reducing your use of plastic by 70%. 

1. Where do I buy refills?

You can conveniently buy 1 Litre and bulk 20L refills of all our household liquids from us here online. Businesses wanting large product volumes should contact us via our wholesale application page.


2. Who benefits from buying refills? 

Everyone can benefit from purchasing our recyclable refill pouches. Purchasing our 1 Litre and bulk 20L refill pouches of household liquids can help save the planet by reducing single-use plastic. Refills are also an excellent way for individuals and businesses to save money by buying in bulk.  


3. How are your products kitchen cleaning products environmentally friendly?

We aim to ensure all our products meet our “triple R” standard of refill, reuse and recycle whenever possible. In addition, our cleaning products avoid harsh chemicals and are biodegradable, paraben free and vegan-friendly.

Our kitchen sponges and cleaning clothes are also made from natural materials like cellulose and cotton and are free of plastic packaging, biodegradable and compostable.