Tea Towel vs Sponges

Sponges are best for washing off dirt and grime, and tea towels are best for drying, wiping, and general household cleaning. 

We do not recommend using tea towels to handle hot objects.

To avoid cross-contamination from wet areas caused by meat and fish preparation, it is best to use kitchen paper towels for cleaning up rather than tea towels or sponges.


Tea Towel Style: Matching Tea Towels Is Important

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1. What are tea towels used for?

Tea towels, like paper towels and napkins, are used for drying dishes and other kitchen items. They are also used for drying hands, just like a hand towel. 

They are also commonly used for wiping up spills and wet spots in the house and as a hot pad for placing hot pots and dishes to protect the surface underneath. 

Tea towels can be used as home décor as they often come beautifully decorated to complement a home’s colour scheme. 


2. How to fold tea towels to save space?

If you have limited space in your kitchen and want to store your tea towels cleverly, the best way to do this is by rolling them.

Start by folding the tea towel in half lengthways, then roll it like a spring roll. Organising your tea towels this way not only saves space, but they are easier to grab and easier to place neatly in a drawer.


3. How to wash tea towels?

Because they are the most used kitchen item and are often damp and warm, tea towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

We recommend washing your tea towels after every use or at least every second day. Washing it in 60°C water is enough to remove the bacteria on it.

To prolong the life of your tea towel, hang it to dry thoroughly after each use. Avoid cross-contamination by not using it to wipe wet areas caused by food preparation.