Eco Cleaning Essentials - Less is More

Barkly Basics is your one-stop shop for eco-cleaning essentials. Achieve a sparkling clean finish without damaging the environment with our simple and highly sustainable product range. We pride ourselves on supplying many durable and responsibly manufactured eco-cleaning essentials, including reusable microfibre cloths, biodegradable sponges, and a fantastic range of refillable household liquids.


Your Kitchen Essentials Checklist 

Every kitchen needs an efficient and durable dish stickdish cloth, sturdy kitchen gloves, and dish soap on hand to help keep kitchen surfaces and dishes sparkling. It’s also important to keep those germs away while cooking by having excellent cleaning and sanitation products like our gorgeous smelling hand wash and hand sanitiser spray around. (And why not add a decor tray for ultimate minimalist style?).


1. What are kitchen essentials, and why do I need them?

Kitchen essentials are items, such as kitchen gloves, that help prevent your hands from getting damaged while cleaning. A robust dish stick and dish soap capable of removing resistant food and other debris are also incredibly important for avoiding germs and maintaining a hygienic kitchen. 


2. What items should I consider in my kitchen I might have not thought about?


A helpful kitchen item you might have yet to consider purchasing is a bottle and glass brush scrubber. This stylish and innovative brush is essential to efficiently cleaning wine glasses, baby bottles, water bottles and other long-necked household items. Our super durable silicon decor tray is also great for storing soaps and other essentials neatly in one place.


3. What are your most popular items?

Some of our most popular items at Barkly Basics include our natural, Melbourne-made body wash and other eco-friendly household liquids and companion refills. These not only smell amazing but are vegan-friendly and free from harsh chemicals!