Dish Stick


Washing the dishes with our Dish Stick without getting your hands wet is ideal for all the would-be hand models out there!

It is designed for heavier daily dish washing and is suitable for:

Easy removal of food and debris on pots, pans and dishes

• Has replaceable & interchangeable brush head option

• Detergent dispensing body

• Silicone liquid pump button

• Screw lid for easy filling of Dish Wash

• Scourer Head is heavy duty and not suitable for fine china 

Can also be used in the bathroom with the interchangeable brush head option. Perfect for cleaning tiles & grout. 

- 1 piece -

Note: Do not over-fill dish stick with dish wash liquid.

Product size: 22cm Length x 5.5cm width of head

Designed in Australia. Made in PRC.

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