About us

It all began with a moment of mindfulness at the kitchen sink and a simple question…”Why is my kitchen sponge yellow!?”

A scientist by profession with an appetite for creativity, innovation and new product design. After having started a career researching breast cancer, I quickly realised that the laboratory didn’t cater for my creativity and passion for design.

“I’ve had so many ideas over the years… it was time to step up to the challenge of not just coming up with an idea but actually making it happen”

My passion for innovation stems back to my childhood. I remember experimenting on the kitchen bench at my parents home thinking that one day I will create a great product. Re-designing the kitchen sponge is just the beginning!

I look forward to the journey ahead and hope you enjoy the products!

Dr. Natasha


When it comes to the home, Barkly Basics simplifies life’s choices. Our products are designed to blend in with your surrounds with minimal fuss.

Our life philosophy of “Keep it simple and everything will take care of itself” also applies to our products. We believe simplicity is the key to understated beauty and an organised life.


Our everyday products and consumables for the home are affordable, functional, stylish and eco to make everyday duties pleasurable.

Our aim is to ensure that our products meet our “triple R” standard of
REFILL, RE-USE and RECYCLE where possible.