Minimal Kitchens - It Starts With Your Sponges

Clutter-free kitchens reduce clean-up time and create an open space for everyone to enjoy.

Our signature black and white palette means your sponges recede in the background for a sleek, elegant kitchen.

Complement your sponges with sanitising sponge spray and kitchen sink sponge holder for a wonderfully clean, organised kitchen.


Barkly Basics Kitchen Sponges: Eco Kitchens

Our eco-friendly kitchen sponges and cleaning cloths are made from natural materials such as cellulose and cotton, free of plastic packaging, biodegradable and compostable. They are refillable, reusable, and recyclable. 

Make cleaning a pleasure while doing it with a clean conscience. 




1. How often should you change your kitchen sponge?

The kitchen has the most traffic in the home, and kitchen sponges have more bacteria than toilets. Because they are constantly warm and wet and contain traces of food, it is the ideal environment for breeding nasty bacteria. 

Imagine using a bacteria-laden Petrie dish on your dishes and utensils that you eat off! For these reasons, experts believe you should replace your kitchen sponge every 3-4 weeks or sooner if they start to smell or fall apart. 


2. Are kitchen sponges recyclable?

Our kitchen sponges are made with natural materials that are biodegradable and compostable. 

Compare this with your common yellow sponges, made from plastics and contribute to the overabundance of harmful plastics in the environment.


3. How to disinfect kitchen sponges?

Disinfect your kitchen sponge the easy way using our sanitising sponge spray, proven to kill 99.9% of common household bacteria. 

No more microwaving your sponge or popping it in your dishwasher with the drying cycle on to kill the bacteria in your sponge. Our sanitising sponge spray is fuss-free and can be used on other kitchen items. 

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